Future Expansion Plan

We entered in a market as a manufacturer of sheet metal parts for automotive industry with facility of pressing, piercing, & blanking in factory premises.Our management has approved  vacuum furnace for the production of sophisticated and intricate parts. In few years we had upgraded to aluminum casting along with the fabrication of sheet metal parts. Casting started through adding Pit furnace in inventory & currently we have facility of Pit furnace & Muffle furnace in our foundry.

With the passage of time, our expertise nurtured, we steadily shifted our production to precise engine related parts. Processes like annealing, hardening, & normalizing now need controlled atmosphere & temperature, also reliability of parts grown exponentially. Along with this, reduction in oxidation, maintaining repeat ability & temperature uniformity is now the essential part of processes.

We are aiming to produce T-shaft & elbows by casting T6-2024 & T651-7075 aluminum alloys. Also we have decided to cast titanium for intake valves & exhaust mufflers; due to its high strength-to-weight ratio. Moreover, corrosion-resistant nickel based steel discs & shafts will be in production soon. To achieve those precision & uniformity, vacuum based melting furnaces have been suggested by our technical team.

In near future, we will step into surgical instruments casting in our production facility center. The austenitic 316 steel also known as ‘Surgical Steel’ is necessary for this purpose. It is highly corrosion-resistant & it’s a common choice of material for biomedical implants. The second important alloy is Titanium based, as titanium has the tensile strength of carbon steel, highly corrosion-resistant from chloride, salt water & other organic chemicals, & 40% lighter than INOX steel.